Friday, March 7, 2008

Omniture Summit | March 6| Discover Exploration Strategies - Know your Visitor's Story

The last breakout session I attended was based around Omniture's Discover. This product is amazing and Tim Lott, Discover product manager and Laura MacTaggard, best practices consultant, both from Omniture, did an excellent job in presenting on this tool. Aaron Wixom, internet marketing analytics manager, Dex Media and Paula Tellez, web analyst, ProFlowers also presented interesting case studies of using Discover.

The presentation began with the simple question "Why use discover?"
The answer was three-fold:
  1. It is the perfect companion to SiteCatalyst
  2. It allows you to hunt for the needle in the haystack
  3. It allows for more concise analysis through segmentation and drilldown
Tim explained that in marketing assumptions have to be made. However, the more assumptions you make, the more of a gamble you are making. Discover helps reduce the number of assumptions that you have to make by providing precise targeting of your visitors that expands beyond the capabilities found in SiteCatalyst.

For example, in SiteCatalyst you can do a fallout analysis with up too eight checkpoints. With Discover there is no limit to the number of checkpoints you may use. In addition, Discover allows you to use multiple pages as a single checkpoint (this is good for a site where customers might go through different processes in a checkout process depending on if they are a registered member or a new customer). In addition, Discover allows you to segment the data before you run it through the fallout analysis.

In addition, Discover has a tool called Site Analysis. This tool is a 3D representation of your website. It can show different metrics at the same time as well as provide a page flow analysis all in one graph. This appears to be a very powerful tool and you would have to see it in action to realize its potential. In fact, if you get the chance to ever take a look at Discover I suggest you view the Site Analysis tool.

At this point in the presentation Aaron Wixom presented a case study on Aaron explained that uses Discover for quick and highly detailed analysis. They were able to use the site to identify a marketing channel that was performing well below the other channels and as a result of this they were able to direct funding away from that channel and towards the other channels. was able to find relationships between data that cannot be found in SiteCatalyst. This is possible because Discover uses the same raw data that is used by Omniture's Data Warehouse. The major difference between Discover and Data Warehouse is that the information for Discover can be obtained much more quickly and segmentation can be done on the fly.

After this case study Laura continued the presentation by demonstrating how Discover can be used to improve paid search campaigns through search analysis. She demonstrated that you can use Discover to create additional metrics that cannot typically be created in SiteCatalyst like page views per visit. You can even dive in deeper into analysis and look at things like time spent on site by keyword. This analysis can then be even more specific by viewing the paths that visitors are taking based on their payed keyword and how long those visitors spent on each page.

As you can see, Discover allows for some very advanced targeting and segmentation.

The presentation concluded with a case study by Paula Tellez from ProFlower. Paula explained how they used discover to analyze two potential campaigns for the Valentines day sales. The data was leaning towards using one of the campaigns on the main page. When presenting this data to the executives, one of the executives asked if the data was accurate because it was tracking all data going to these two campaigns, not just visitors coming through the homepage. Tellez was able to create a segmentation in the meeting and the results were exactly the opposite of the initial findings. This lead the executive team to select the other campaign and use it for the Valentines day period.

In conclusion, I found this presentation to be very interesting. Discover is THE tool too use if you really want to segment your visitors and improve their experience on your site.

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